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This bald fucker was ready to do what it takes to get a dick from his work friend. He didn’t even bother wearing a tool belt, because it would just get in the way of him getting plugged in the ass after he deep throated him! He bends over the work bench and gets his spanked swollen ass stuffed with dick, and then sucks off his buddy so he can taste his hot cream

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This gay bear knows what’s coming to him as he gets led to the bedroom by his big bear master. He gets put face down on the bed, with his underwear torn off of his butt to get at his butt cheeks. Each one is smacked until it’s beat red, and when his throbbing cock bounces out of his torn undies, his master takes out his own dick and shoves it in the mouth hole of his kinky slut’s mask.

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This chab has been a bad fellow, and torment is imminent. There is no way the big chap here can avoid being slapped around and humiliated by his slavemaster. Crawling towards his top partner’s feet, he enjoys the feeling of the whip landing on his bulging buttocks. The blows don’t stop coming as the bear bondman receives his mouth busy with that obese tall tommy. Not only it does not stop the torment, but it brings a new twist. See these beefy nipps clamped for worthy here

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This chap stands quietly on his knees, hands bound behind his back, waiting. The thrill mixes with anxiety as that fellow lastly feels his slavemaster coming. The top undoes the ropes and frees the big bear’s butt from its white nylon prison as well. Then, this guy positions himself on the rack while the bear slave has perfect access to his pulsating tall tommy. The bulky beefy stick receives played with in every manner, and the balls receive their share as well. Worthy bear slave, earned a pat!

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There’s not going to be pleasure in the sun this day for this bear whore, even though this stud’s dressed in his swim wear. It just means that it’s easier for his master to receive access to his gazoo, as this fellow smacks it hard with his gloved hands, and then rubs his penis all over it. He gets his slave to suck on his shlong for a bit, and then bows him over and toys with his arse crack with his force tool

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It begins slow and smooth, with the bear in black leather panties getting his package sucked by his perverted partner with taut white belt all around his crotch. One thing leads to another, the sucking feels so worthwhile that soon they discover each other 69-style, raw pooper eating and dick blowing going on at the same time. That’s greater amount than the top can handle, so that chap wets the bottom’s behind and slams into it. Minutes later, the 2 mouth-watering men finish every other off

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He may look like a meaty homosexual bear, but all it takes is some meaty rope holding him to this table, and he becomes a slave boy in no time. To get to his hawt booty, his homosexual dominant indeed cuts his jeans and undies off, giving him access to his tight butt crack. This chab puts on his surgical gloves, lubes them up, and soon enough, this man’s seeing how many fingers this chab can fit inside of his arse!

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On which side of the domination divide would you like to be here? The lucky burly top here is serviced by 2 unrepining bears who do everything they can to please him. This includes getting on their knees and competing for his hard spike with their mad mouths. Just when the sack gets likewise busy being sucked to be shared, the other bear slave indulges in some delightsome salad-tossing act. With his beefy nethers caressed by two big men, the top is sure to shoot.

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